MazCenter LLC Partnership Program

Earn at least $12 and maximum $40 per sale you refer for the light sabers we will offer in our store, opt in for this partnership opportunity to get more information.

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How will you pay me and when? 

Answer: Through PayPal and monthly

What support can you provide for partners?

Answer: We are open to ideas, however we are planning to support and give you the ability to provide special discounts to your followers. We are also happy to provide you and ship our lightsaber to you to test and promote and are planning to provide free training.

How can I join and when can I start?

Answer: Opt in using your email, we will reach out to you for further information with our new website link, registration and will also need more information to transfer your commissions, like name, PaypPal email address..etc. We are expecting to start soon on 20 April.


How will you spot customers I referred to you?

Answer: we will use coupon codes specially made for you or/and provide links with your user ID in it to track the customer, even if they return to the website later still we can recognize this is the customer you brought to secure your commission